How do these rankings work?

We’re on a quest to determine the best app development teams in all major cities and identify the top 10 from each city.

Over the last four years, we’ve gained a lot of awareness as to what kind of attributes correlate with high-calibre teams. We take into account all such attributes while evaluating you. Have you worked with big brands? If they trust you and want to work with you, others will trust you too. We also look at how authoritative and engaging your content is, whether it's on your website, blog or social handles.

We’d take a look at your online presence and content. Having an active blog with authoritative articles are also indicators of ability. And finally, how is your website? It’s what users first see. Does it inspire trust? Or drive people away?

We’ve tried to take a well-rounded approach to come up with our provisional rankings. If you feel you have something in your profile that could improve your rankings, drop us a note. We’d love to find out.

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