Since ContractIQ started in 2012, we have served as a listing service for app development agencies from around the world. Companies can show-off their work & all the praise they received. You can go through all this and, with our help, choose the best agency for your app development project.

We have now decided to go one step further and identify the top app development agencies from all the major cities in the world. This means that you not only see all the teams from the city, but will know how well they rank. This, in addition to all the information already available, will make you better informed as to whether or not a particular team is right for your app development project.

So how exactly are we going about this? We’ve tried to adopt a holistic approach, covering as many discernible attributes as possible. Everything from the brands they've worked for to the look-and-feel of their website will send out signals of their ability. We pick up these signals and arrive at those who are the best in each city.


Fortune 500 Companies, E-commerce Leaders, Innovative Fintech Companies & Marquee Startups Use ContractIQ. The app developer network in ContractIQ solves design, scale & security challenges that are unique to established and high growth companies. From idea-stage to IPO-stage, we got your software development needs covered!